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Thinking Cinema January 14, 2008

Posted by Sabs in Multifarious.

Aamir and Darsheel in TZP

Few days back, I got a chance to watch the movie “Taare Zameen par”. Simply a masterpiece, everyone will agree. From past few years, I have been noticing a huge change in the content of Indian Cinema. I can still remember, some time before a movie always means a hero, heroine and few songs and their villainous fathers and uncles. After seeing them, I always used to ponder, that is it is the only topic, worth watching available to us? But I am immensely happy after watching the nowadays movies content. Previously a movie like TZP can easily come into the category of so called art cinema and at that time no one can ever dreamt of being associated with a so called art movie. The movies of social interest always use to fall in that category only. I would like to mention few other classy movies like Black, Cheeni Kum, and Chak De etc. whom I always considered as thinking cinema. We need these kinds of movies who can stimulate our thinking cells and helps us in being a thinking and sensitive individual.


I think an actor, director or anyone related to media should never forget his social responsibility. I have seen that everyone gets influenced with the movies they seen, because for us they are still the primary source of our entertainment.



1. Sanjay Kumar - September 21, 2010

“I think an actor, director or anyone related to media should never forget his social responsibility.”

I totally agree with you on this. All of us have some role to play. But we must also not criticize entertainment industry whose job is to just make movies like hero heroine types. They are also playing their role. But ofcourse we need to have a balance between entertainment and social awareness movies.

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