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Thinking Cinema January 14, 2008

Posted by Sabs in Multifarious.
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Aamir and Darsheel in TZP

Few days back, I got a chance to watch the movie “Taare Zameen par”. Simply a masterpiece, everyone will agree. From past few years, I have been noticing a huge change in the content of Indian Cinema. I can still remember, some time before a movie always means a hero, heroine and few songs and their villainous fathers and uncles. After seeing them, I always used to ponder, that is it is the only topic, worth watching available to us? But I am immensely happy after watching the nowadays movies content. Previously a movie like TZP can easily come into the category of so called art cinema and at that time no one can ever dreamt of being associated with a so called art movie. The movies of social interest always use to fall in that category only. I would like to mention few other classy movies like Black, Cheeni Kum, and Chak De etc. whom I always considered as thinking cinema. We need these kinds of movies who can stimulate our thinking cells and helps us in being a thinking and sensitive individual.


I think an actor, director or anyone related to media should never forget his social responsibility. I have seen that everyone gets influenced with the movies they seen, because for us they are still the primary source of our entertainment.