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Trip to Kanatal July 5, 2007

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Our office group of about 27 people went on an outing, last weekend. The place chosen was – KANATAL, a quaint little hamlet in Uttarakhand state, located just 300 kilometers, or 6-7 hours journey by road from Delhi is perched at an altitude of over 8,500 feet. Kanatal offers a spectacular view of the snow-clad Garhwal Himalayas and lush green
forests. Kanatal offer a welcome respite from the heat and dust-laden environs of crowded cities and towns in the plains. Occupying prime location on the Chamba Mussoorie highway, the high point of the year at Kanatal occurs between December and February, when over 50 inches of powder snow carpets its areas, creating a spectacular Cottonwood Canyon and transforms the landscape into a ravishing white wonderland.
In contrast to most well-known hill stations in Northern India that are waging a losing battle against overcrowding, urbanization, pollution and commercialization, Kanatal offers a serene experience in the lap of nature. Kanatal is an idea whose time has come. Discerning tourists seeking a communion with nature untouched, untamed and unspoilt can enjoy many pleasant surprises waiting to be discovered in Kanatal(intro of kanatal,as copied from the net).

Bunch of trekkers

We left delhi in a 27 seater bus at around 11:30, our ride in bus was indeed joyful, with everyone indulging in their favourite activities, like I indulge in my favourite activity of sleeping and others in drinking, smoking, laughing, singing etc. We entered haridwar at
around 4:30 in morning and from there onwards i was not able to resist myself from praising the scenic beauty of haridwar and chamba. When going on long routes on mountains like manali, i do sometimes suffer from motion sickness, but this time, it was altogether absent.Big Mountains and narrow roads have always carried a feeling of mystery in them and heights had always attracted me, infact i always feel like jumping in it whenever i am on great heights (phew). The calmness and greenery always leave an impression on my heart, that takes days for me to come over it. If feels like that if i would be alone, i will just wander around singing songs and smiling. I just love that. I am a loner and i usually talk to myself and mountains provide me a perfect environment to indulge in that.

Well, coming back on our trip, so we finally reached our destination (whispering pines) at about 9:45 in the morning. The tents were a real delight to eyes. They were colourful with neatly perched amidst the tall trees and the mountains (ahem). Everyone was allocated their respective tents. Few names given to tents i remember were Nanda Devi, Bandar pooch, kedar etc. Everyone then got busy in getting ready for a trip of rapling after having breakfast. Bathing was an ordeal there. I fooled everyone by getting inside the bathroom and coming back after wiping my face and hands with a wet towel. 🙂 Let me be very clear, my intention was that of taking a bath, but the chilled water just ruin my moral. Breakfast was indeed nice. Then it was time for us to go for rapling. We board our bus and woooooooosh we were at our rapling site. The best moment was that, when our driver tried to make a U turn with all of us in the bus. Everyone got scared and i just missed the golden chance of have a closer look of mountains by hanging from the bus (phew). Anyways, I really didn’t know what rapling was all about, till i saw a small mountain and were told that we have to place a belt around our back and have to walk over the straight mountain. WOW, what a fun. As per me, the walk on the mountain was not that scary that i assumed it to be. Anways, for all of us 27 people to finish the rapling, it took about 5 hours and we all started feeling damn hungry. Sorry i forgot to mention, during our rapling session we had a chance to found out who all are real “phattu’s” and who all are real “dare devils”. Great going girls, hip hip hurray. Well after having our lunch after lot of coaxing (really a lot) everyone agreed to go on trekking. As chavvi told me trekking was good and exciting but i was not able to go there 😦 . We again were back in the camps at about 10 or so, and after having our dinner, it was time to do some dhinga-masti. Bhaskar was given a double dose of bumps as it was his -th (bhaskar please fill it up) birthday. There were even gifts for everyone and i am sure everybody enjoyed it.

The kanatal was at its best in night. As you look a little closer, you get an amazing bird’s eye view of the mountains. As you head closer to the mountains, the hike begins to resemble a walk in the clouds. A layer of low-lying clouds had engulfed the area in night. This made it a most surreal place to look forward to.

Next day, it was time for us to move back to Noida. We boarded the bus at about 9:30 in the morning and reached noida at about 9:30 at night. Indeed a marvellous trip !!


Based on a famous Panchatantra story…… June 28, 2007

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Once upon a time, there was a software engineer who used to develop
programs on his Pentium machine, sitting under a tree on the banks of a
river. He used to earn his bread by selling those programs in the Sunday

One day, while he was working, his machine tumbled off the table and fell
in the river. Encouraged by the Panchatantra story of his childhood (the
woodcutter and the axe), he started praying to the River Goddess.

The River Goddess wanted to test him and so appeared only after one month
of rigorous prayers. The engineer told her that he had lost his computer in
the river. As usual, the Goddess wanted to test his honesty.

She showed him a match box and asked, “Is this your computer ?”

Disappointed by the Goddess’ lack of computer awareness, the engineer
replied, “No.”

She next showed him a pocket-sized calculator and asked if that was his.

Annoyed, the engineer said “No, not at all!!”

Finally, she came up with his own Pentium machine and asked if it was his.

The engineer, left with no option, sighed and said “Yes.”

The River Goddess was happy with his honesty. She was about to give him all

three items, but before she could make the offer, the engineer asked her,
“Don’t you know that you’re supposed to show me some better computers
before bringing up my own ?”

The River Goddess, angered at this, replied, “I know that, you stupid idiot!
The first two things I showed you were the Trillennium and the Billennium,
the latest computers from IBM!” So saying, she disappeared with the

Moral: If you’re not up-to-date with technology trends, it is better keep
your mouth shut and let people think you’re a genius….!

Just thinking… June 27, 2007

Posted by Sabs in Life after marriage.
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I added this new category today, simply because nowadays, this topic is of utmost importance to me. Each day is the day of new revelation for me, since i got married. Sometimes the discoveries are related to me, sometimes they are related to my hubby, but usually they are related to the great indian thing called as “marriage”. No doubts marriage has added a new dimension to my life which offers me numerous opportunities to know more about me. I have a habit of thinking hard about a thing or a situation till i reached a conclusion, which now looms large on me. Whenever i am faced with a situation, i just think think and think about when, what and who caused that situation. During my thinking process i usually deduce things, go on playing blame game and ultimately reach a conclusion that “this particular person is responsible for that situation” and that person is usually “ME”. So……………………..Unable to find more words to explain my state of mid. Anyone who has similar characteristics that i mentioned above please please contact me through this blog.

The Best “Out-Of-Office” E-Mail Auto-Replies: June 25, 2007

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1: I am currently out at a job interview and will reply to you if I fail to get the position.

2: I’m not really out of the office. I’m just ignoring you.

3: You are receiving this automatic notification because I am out of the office. If I was in, chances are you wouldn’t have received anything at all.

4: Sorry to have missed you but I am at the doctors having my brain removed so that I may be promoted to management

5: I will be unable to delete all the unread, worthless emails you send me until I return from vacation on 4/18. Please be patient and your mail will be deleted in the order it was received.

6: Thank you for your email. Your credit card has been charged $5.99 for the first ten words and $1.99 for each additional word in your message.

7: The e-mail server is unable to verify your server connection and is unable to deliver this message. Please restart your computer and try sending again.’

( The beauty of this is that when you return, you can see how many in-duh-viduals did this over and over).

8: Thank you for your message, which has been added to a queuing system. You are currently in 352nd place, and can expect to receive a reply in approximately 19 weeks.

9: Hi. I’m thinking about what you’ve just sent me. Please wait by your PC for my response.

10: Hi! I’m busy negotiating the salary for my new job. Don’t bother to leave me any messages.

11: I’ve run away to join a different circus.


12: I will be out of the office for the next 2 weeks for medical reasons.
When I return, please refer to me as ‘ Loretta’ instead of ‘Steve ‘

Pensive Thoughts June 25, 2007

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I am in a very bad mood today. It seems I am a complete failure in every aspect of my life. I am supposed to be a perfect wife, daughter, sister, daughter-in-law, professional. I am supposed to be a intelligent person, a great human being, a perfect cook, a loving person and a good looking women too. I wonder, if everyone is able to meet these standards perfectly?? If yes, then I am an useless exception and if No, then I am just normal like others. ha ha. Don’t feel like writing anything else.

Microsoft surface June 22, 2007

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As stated by Wikipedia, Microsoft Surface (Codename: Milan), is a forthcoming product from Microsoft which is developed as a software and hardware combination technology that allows a user, or multiple users, to manipulate digital content by the use of natural motions, hand gestures, or physical objects. It was announced on May 30, 2007 at D5, and is expected to be released by commercial partners in November 2007. Initial customers will be in the hospitality businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, retail, and public entertainment venues.

Surface is essentially a Windows Vista PC tucked inside a black table base, topped with a 30-inch touchscreen in a clear acrylic frame. Five cameras that can sense nearby objects are mounted beneath the screen. Users can interact with the machine by touching or dragging their fingertips and objects such as paintbrushes across the screen, or by setting real-world items tagged with special barcode labels on top of it.

Surface has been optimized to respond to 52 touches at a time. During a demonstration with a reporter, Mark Bolger, the Surface Computing group’s marketing director, “dipped” his finger in an on-screen paint palette, then dragged it across the screen to draw a smiley face. Then he used all 10 fingers at once to give the face a full head of hair.

In addition to recognizing finger movements, Microsoft Surface can also identify physical objects. Microsoft says that when a diner sets down a wine glass, for example, the table can automatically offer additional wine choices tailored to the dinner being eaten.

Rather a great achievement, but it seems soon these things will outclass programming, as coding will become as simpler as making a face on sand by a finger, there where we programmers will go !!

MTNL Sucks June 19, 2007

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I am unable to keep my anger under control, on the name of MTNL. I am just waiting for the day when it will be completely wiped off of the World. (Phew). Wait, you will feel the same when i will narrate you my saga. We booked a phone under MTNL’s waive off scheme, which offers the waive off of registration charges, installation charges and other blah blah charges. Two days were provided to book under that scheme. I really don’t ‘know what and when came into my mind and i booked the phone. I am always of opinion of to deal with organizations who care about their customers or atleats care about their repo. But nah, i was wrong, MTNL can never be one of them. They taught me a lesson to me for going off-track and now i m again on my track. As usual by giving them million reminders telephone connection finally arrived about 2 months later and i was forced to believe that things are now improving at MTNL’s end. But nooooooooooooo, i was wrong. My myth shattered, when the bill arrives inclusive of all the charges. And Now here is today. My phone is cut and i m running from pilar to post to get my bill corrected. Uff…………… My advice to all – STAY AWAY FROM THIS DAMN THING CALLED AS MTNL.

My dilemma’s May 25, 2007

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I got married on 10th February, 2007. Its been only close to 4 months since the start of my so called new life. Though the life has no doubt changed, it now appears to me that i had been living like this for years. I really can’t define what turmoils or situations one has to face. Mine being a love marraige, I am atleast comfortable to my hubby, zoheb. Frankly speaking as everybody says, he doesn’t come across to me as a completely changed man after marriage. Infact he is more or less same as i used to date during our courtship days. Well, i m not going to write about that saga about how we met or fell in love, I just want to share the feelings and emotions that i usually go through after having a marriage experience of atleast 4 months (phew). First of all, the old days of bachelorhood, oops, the days when i was (alas it is actually “was”, i can’t believe it) single just haunts me like a ghost or like a sour old love affair(which got never materialised). I remember all those days and often go into deep thoughts remembering that why i took a decision at all to get married !! Sounds weird, but yes, guys, gals also feels so. Those days were just golden days of my life. On weekends i never remember doing anything except sleeping. I used to read newspapers for hours, eat (not cook) my favourite dishes and used to chat endlessly with my dearest sis. When i now share all these things with my mom, she defines how she to feel the same way like me. Oh, ok, i m glad i m not suffering with a physicological disease. May be, the change of my life had made me felt like this. I discussed this with zohi and he says yup, he also feels the same, but every phase has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. How true, why i can’t be that positive, phew, anyways, whatever is the reason or the situation, i want to go back, but don’t know how…But this time i want to take zohi with me, in my past, that’s for sure !!

Lessons of the heart May 18, 2007

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Love is not the latest ballad on the radio
It is the song of a lifetime

Love is not the rock on the finger of the girl you plan to marry
It is the size of the boulder you move to repair the marriage

Love is not the fairy tale that ends with happy ever after
It is the hand that wipes away the tears

Love is not in the spotlight
It is waiting in the shadows

Love is not winning the argument
It is listening with an open heart

Love is not flowers or candy
It is truth and honesty

Love is not the ease of the quest
It is the commitment to the relationship

Love is not expensive restaurants
It is the sacrifice made to feed a child

Love is not the dream come true
It is chasing nightmares away

Love is not the success of money
It is the failure to find fault

Love is not sweet nothings whispered in the ear
It is accepting the thoughts of others

Love is not the perfect picture
It is the flaw that makes us who we are.

Life May 15, 2007

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A Life Poem Life can seem ungrateful and not always kind.
Life can pull at your heartstrings and play with your mind…
Life can be blissful and happy and free…
Life can put beauty in the things that you see…
Life can place challenges right at your feet…
Life can make good of the hardships we meet…
Life can overwhelm you and make your head spin…
Life can reward those determined to win…
Life can be hurtful and not always fair…
Life can surround you with people who care…
Life clearly does offer its Up and its Downs…
Life’s days can bring you both smiles and frowns…
Life teaches us to take the good with the bad…
Life is a mixture of happy and sad…


Take the Life that you have and give it your best…
Think positive, be happy let God do the rest…
Take the challenges that life has laid at your feet…
Take pride and be thankful for each one you meet…
To yourself give forgiveness if you stumble and fall…
Take each day that is dealt you and give it your all…
Take the love that you’re given and return it with care…
Have faith that when needed it will always be there…
Take time to find the beauty in the things that you see…
Take life’s simple pleasures let them set your heart free…
The idea here is simply to even the score…
As you are met and faced with Life’s Tug of War