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Just thinking… June 27, 2007

Posted by Sabs in Life after marriage.

I added this new category today, simply because nowadays, this topic is of utmost importance to me. Each day is the day of new revelation for me, since i got married. Sometimes the discoveries are related to me, sometimes they are related to my hubby, but usually they are related to the great indian thing called as “marriage”. No doubts marriage has added a new dimension to my life which offers me numerous opportunities to know more about me. I have a habit of thinking hard about a thing or a situation till i reached a conclusion, which now looms large on me. Whenever i am faced with a situation, i just think think and think about when, what and who caused that situation. During my thinking process i usually deduce things, go on playing blame game and ultimately reach a conclusion that “this particular person is responsible for that situation” and that person is usually “ME”. So……………………..Unable to find more words to explain my state of mid. Anyone who has similar characteristics that i mentioned above please please contact me through this blog.



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