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My dilemma’s May 25, 2007

Posted by Sabs in Life after marriage.

I got married on 10th February, 2007. Its been only close to 4 months since the start of my so called new life. Though the life has no doubt changed, it now appears to me that i had been living like this for years. I really can’t define what turmoils or situations one has to face. Mine being a love marraige, I am atleast comfortable to my hubby, zoheb. Frankly speaking as everybody says, he doesn’t come across to me as a completely changed man after marriage. Infact he is more or less same as i used to date during our courtship days. Well, i m not going to write about that saga about how we met or fell in love, I just want to share the feelings and emotions that i usually go through after having a marriage experience of atleast 4 months (phew). First of all, the old days of bachelorhood, oops, the days when i was (alas it is actually “was”, i can’t believe it) single just haunts me like a ghost or like a sour old love affair(which got never materialised). I remember all those days and often go into deep thoughts remembering that why i took a decision at all to get married !! Sounds weird, but yes, guys, gals also feels so. Those days were just golden days of my life. On weekends i never remember doing anything except sleeping. I used to read newspapers for hours, eat (not cook) my favourite dishes and used to chat endlessly with my dearest sis. When i now share all these things with my mom, she defines how she to feel the same way like me. Oh, ok, i m glad i m not suffering with a physicological disease. May be, the change of my life had made me felt like this. I discussed this with zohi and he says yup, he also feels the same, but every phase has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. How true, why i can’t be that positive, phew, anyways, whatever is the reason or the situation, i want to go back, but don’t know how…But this time i want to take zohi with me, in my past, that’s for sure !!



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