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Lessons of the heart May 18, 2007

Posted by Sabs in Copied.

Love is not the latest ballad on the radio
It is the song of a lifetime

Love is not the rock on the finger of the girl you plan to marry
It is the size of the boulder you move to repair the marriage

Love is not the fairy tale that ends with happy ever after
It is the hand that wipes away the tears

Love is not in the spotlight
It is waiting in the shadows

Love is not winning the argument
It is listening with an open heart

Love is not flowers or candy
It is truth and honesty

Love is not the ease of the quest
It is the commitment to the relationship

Love is not expensive restaurants
It is the sacrifice made to feed a child

Love is not the dream come true
It is chasing nightmares away

Love is not the success of money
It is the failure to find fault

Love is not sweet nothings whispered in the ear
It is accepting the thoughts of others

Love is not the perfect picture
It is the flaw that makes us who we are.



1. Bhasker Chaurasia - August 28, 2007

Hi All, Sabah has made a world class collections for defining the things:
Love is most beautiful word in this cruel life, however we should not forget some words like:

Three things in life that, once gone, never come back

Three things in life that may never be lost :


Three things in life that never fail

1.True Love

Bhasker Chaurasia

2. sabsthoughts - August 28, 2007

Hi Bhaskar, Thanx for the beautiful add-ons….:)

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